Fallen King: Getting Back Up

You took my crown of sanity,
I lost my humanity.
The dawn was on fire,
But still could not be admired.
The tragical became genuine
A line within a line.

Wanted to redeem my existence,
I did try to walk the distance,
But the control was lost,
For I have walked the inner lands without a crown.
The walk was rough and tough with a lot of resistance,
Nobody acknowledged my existence.

And, like a fallen king,
I tried to kiss death’s ring,
But it was not my time,
The price of ignorance had to be paid; my own crime.
Like many, the notion of my own tortures became a living hell,
A new place for my soul to dwell.

All, cause you took my crown of sanity,
And now you display it on your dirty shelf with vanity.
A fallen king for now,
But you will bow.
Remember the fool you saw on the floor, begging for mercy?
He is becoming blurry,
Because he is getting up and marching on,
You will see the new dawn.

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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