Getting Old

Feel it in my bones,
They hurt and at times feel like stones.

Feel it in my thoughts,
It’s so difficult to connect the dots.

I feel it in my emotions; knots,
Every one of them becomes nothing more than complicated knots.

Feel it in my eyes,
I am staring to see behind the veil; wise?

Feel it on my skin,
Feels foreign to me; sin?

Feel it in their grin,
Purity in the meaning “Where have you been?”

I am getting old, I know, not cause I am getting cold,
But I know cause I feel like I am walking with a black blindfold…..
Covering my inner eyes and even my inner needs,
Perhaps it is time for my imaginary lady and friends to wear their weeds.

Time to go?
Time to go home
…….I know….. I know…….
Finally out of the dome.

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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