Seven Senses

He was left blind,
Lost complete control over his mind.
Happy and ignorant that his life became a well created illusion,
A horror story without conclusion.

He was left without sense of smell,
No place to dwell.
Not even the affection of the roses helped,
Such a tragedy where self harm helped.

He was left unable to touch another,
No color, no lover.
The softest of skin was that of the snake,
That left his heart unwilling to heal; endless ache.

Unable to taste the sweetness of other lips,
The reminder of that sensual eclipse……………..
Still lingering………….
Endless inner blistering.

Left deft, almost death,
Every breath……….
Every whisper was stuck in his head;
Words and sentiments unsaid.

No intuition left,
Forever he became a guest;
A guest in his own body,
Confusion, he embodies.

Sense of equilibrium abandoned him forever,
All the connections were severed.
Every breath of hope was stolen,
Seven senses thrown into the ocean.

Truth it is:

“He who sees, smells, touches, tastes, hears, feels
And is in balance, knows; he who does not, knows not.”
And so he tries to break the next seal,
Just to connect the next dot.

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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