The Ocean Speaks

Listening to the ocean speak
Made my senses weak,
Not cause of her majestic power,
But because of the stories that she whispered hour by hour.

And so she conveys:

“In ancient times, there was a man who walked this maze,
Don’t know his name or remember his face,
But he walked above me, as if I did not have any depth; surely I felt out-of-place.

Then there were dragon ships that tried to conquer me,
But they forgot how mighty my power is, they couldn’t see.
Indeed, such ruthless warriors, they were
But they were not a match for me; I became the silencer.

And then there was the writer,
Constantly trying to drown himself in my melancholic waters
Always screaming ‘I am not a fighter’
Sad really, to see his inner slaughter.”

And so the ocean, talked to me,
Forgetting that I was that writer,
Trying to see…….trying to be free……
From myself created timer.

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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