What Is The Meaning? #199

Feel like a vampire on a camp full of strangers wearing their garlic. Why do I feel so anxious?

“Out of place means you must change your course.”

But how do I rebuild what is broken?

“Do not rebuild, make yourself new. The left over pieces were left for a reason. There is good on the ashes of old empires, so with you. Look beyond what others refuse to see, feel the pain others numb with indecision.”

I just want to go home

“Home? This is your temporary home. Enjoy it, there is so much to see and learn even when you feel like a “vampire” as you put it. Welcome it all, remember you are a traveler and a collector of experiences. What are you waiting for, start collecting. You already have a lot of painful experiences, I believe is time for you to start collecting something different. Don’t you think?”

That is the problem I “THINK”

“No, that is not a problem at all, that is YOUR problem. Even vampires can experience it all. Stay and see what I am trying to help you see, go and you will forever feel alone in a sea of people.”


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Hello, my name is…………. Wait a minute. My name is not important. I’m a wounded soul that loves to write everything that comes to my mind and what's more important, to my heart. I know some of the things I write are stupid and they may not even make sense to other people, but they make sense to me and that’s what matters. I am new to writing on the internet, so if you guys see any mistakes in my writing, please feel free to message me and give me your corrections. I am a firm believer in learning as much as possible from as many people as possible.

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3 thoughts on “What Is The Meaning? #199”

  1. …go and you will forever feel alone in a sea of people.” OR
    …go and you will meet other beautiful souls, so you won’t feel out of any place anymore 😉


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