Innocent!!! Guilty!!!

We stand accused of an emotional crime,
Of wasting our time.
What is going to be our excuse this time?
What are we going to do to change our paradigm?
Guilty!!! Innocent!!!

Our judgment was darken by the deeds of others,
The ones we called our sisters and brothers,
What else are we going to say, “They were big in numbers”
Is that going to be one more excuse of WHY we became nothing more than runners?

Indeed, our hearts were poisoned by the blood of our abusers,
But now they stand in front of us as the accusers,
Is it even worth nursing our bruises?
We have nothing left, just excuses.

Innocent!!! Guilty!!!
Are you still YOU……………………. Am I still ME?
Should we flee or consider our plea.
Hold on to your spirit,
Innocent!!! Guilty!!!
We will see, in time, we will see

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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2 thoughts on “Innocent!!! Guilty!!!”

  1. You know, my dear friend, I am getting more frustrated day by day. We seem to be divided in three parts nowadays; a group who hurts other people, a group who complains about it and a group who fight to hold on to the beauty in this world. What worries me and thus is frustrating, the middle group seems to outgrow the other two. High time, people start to act and I can only hope they choose the for the last group.


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