Philosophy #117

“Conquer yourself rather than the world.”
René Descartes


This quote got me thinking for days, (strange, right?) and a lot of memories from my childhood came out as a result of those days of deep introspection.

It’s not a secret that when I was younger, I tried to conquer the world. I tried like so many of YOU to reach the hearts of others by being and trying to be like them; that feeling did not last long because my heart was shouting as loud as it could to be what I was born to be, but somehow I manage to ignore it, till recently. So, when I read this quote, tears came pouring out of my eyes, not cause I understood it, but cause I have felt it before (I am sure many of YOU have as well.)

Descartes’s quotes have a certain way to hit deep within my core and this one is not the exception. For many, words are just words and quotes are just that; a bunch of words that sound good and inspire others, but for me (and if you are reading this for YOU as well) quotes and words embody deep emotions and feelings that pierce us deeper than just our understanding.

I will not, and cannot deny that in the past, I tried to build up myself by trying to fit in, and even tried to mold my ego with my peers’ experiences. I was so hungry for love and acceptance because I felt that if those simplistic goals were reached (could even go as far as to call them needs) I would have felt fulfilled and whole. I was so wrong; not only was I dead wrong, but I wasted 2 years of my life while trying to fit in at school. Feelings of inadequacy started to set in and there was a point in my life where I thought I failed as a human being cause I WANTED TO CONQURE THE WORLD OUTSIDE OF ME. Quickly I realized that I was not like everyone else and that the only way I could survive in their world was to hide deep within the darkest parts of my being. So, I threw all my dreams to the bottomless abyss and hid from everything and everyone.

After being hidden for so long, I decided to throw myself into the bottomless abyss of my inner fears to reclaim all my childhood visions and dreams. Now, after almost 28 years of wasted time, and a couple more of climbing out of that abyss, I realize that the only world I need to conquer is the one that I hold deep within.

Perhaps for some of you this post will not make any sense, but I am certain that for some it will. “Conquer yourself rather than the world.” Descartes said it and YOU and I will continue pushing while those words echo deep within our souls.

I will like to close this post by saying: Do not forget why you are here, fulfill your dreams. Do not fall into the trap of conformity; of having a good paying job and waiting to die. Do what you love to do, do what makes your soul and heart melt with joy. “CONQURE YOUSELF” and all the fears of failure will dissipate. You have the key, not for your survival, but for your life to have a real meaning to YOU and a big impact to the ones that need your light. “Conquer yourself rather than the world.” Let those words pierce, not only your understanding, but your soul and see what nobody is willing to see, that you are already successful and that every idea you hold deep within you is valuable.

Leave your thoughts about this quote, I am intrigued to read how you perceive this quote or how you can dissect it further. Thank you and don’t forget to think, for a thing will be just a thing, until you think beyond that thing.

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15 thoughts on “Philosophy #117”

  1. Yes! Self-compassion will lead to compassion for others automatically. Not to conquer, but to love; oneself and as a result the beautiful world we live in.
    As always, love your flow of thoughts, Manuel.

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