Thank You For The Lesson

This is the ninth (you can read the other eight poems: Ode To Nikki, Like A Phoenix I Rise, Why BotherNever A Mother: My Mother!!!, I Am SorryAddicted To The Connection Did Not Hear: Your Silent Plea and Child Of The Streets by clicking on them) poem in the series IN YOUR SHOES, in which I try to put myself in your shoes and write a poem feeling your pain and sorrow. If you would like your emotions to be future on emotionsoflife please feel free to shoot me an email at, tell me your story (if you like your name and identity to be private, I will respect your wish, otherwise I can post a link to your blog so others check your work)

This poem speaks for itself. “Thank you for sharing your story with me. Stay strong, there are so many ladies out there. Work on yourself and love yourself like you would like that special someone to love you. Once again, thank you for the trust.”

Thank You For The Lesson

You!!! You stole everything from me,
You!! The one that destroyed my family,
Did not know you existed, but I had a feeling you try to see…….
Not only me and my pride, in complete agony.

You!!! The one that did not want love,
You!!! That wanted to conquer me by stilling my wife,
The one that turned my dove…………..
Into a filthy………. that needed to be disposed of.

You!!! The one I dreamed killing in my dreams,
You!!! The one that will pay by the hands of others,
Be ready to shower yourself in your own streams…….
Of blood and misdeeds…….. punish by your own brothers.

Victor Hugo was right
“The man who is not loved hovers like a vulture over the sweetheart of others.”
Now I know, that not everything that shines is white
And that everyone holds within them their true colors.

Thank you for the lesson,

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3 thoughts on “Thank You For The Lesson”

  1. I understand the anger, the frustration, the pain. My only hope it doesn’t turn into bitterness.
    I agree with you Manuel, I am sure there is someone out there who appreciates this hurt soul for the man he is.

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