You Still Hide

He stood by your side,
Gave you everything while you hide.
And while you only show him your pride,
He open his heart wide.

He crossed the ocean of melancholy for you,
He tried the best he could……..for you.

He tried to help you push through,
But you said you did not like the view,
That you rather be deep in the pit of tomorrow and the pain too.

He fought for you when everyone left you abused,
Bleeding on the floor and bruised.
Why did you turn around and do the same to him?
Did you find pleasure in singing his flame dim?

He stood by your side when others throw you into the seas made of blood,
You did not know how to swim and he helped you swim to shore.
He even cleaned the mud……………
From your face and wounds………why then did you leave him dead on the floor?
All he tried to do was to stand by your side,
Meanwhile, you still hide.

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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