Damaged Goods

This is the tenth (you can read the other nine poems: Ode To Nikki, Like A Phoenix I Rise, Why BotherNever A Mother: My Mother!!!I Am SorryAddicted To The Connection Did Not Hear: Your Silent Plea Child Of The Streets and Thank You For The Lesson by clicking on them) poem in the series IN YOUR SHOES, in which I try to put myself in your shoes and write a poem feeling your pain and sorrow. If you would like your emotions to be future on emotionsoflife please feel free to shoot me an email at 11manuel11osornio11@gmail.com, tell me your story (if you like your name and identity to be private, I will respect your wish, otherwise I can post a link to your blog so others check your work)

Thank you Cheri for your trust. Please read more about Cheri by clicking on her name. Thank you and once again, stay strong and don’t forget that you matter.

Damaged Goods

Felt unlovable,
More than just one emotion.

Unquestionably, the truth was and is,
Liberating me, but at times my existence feels like a quiz.
Like many, I am a work in progress,
And still learning how to play this game of “Chess.”

The ghost of rejection still lingers,
There are moments, I can’t even feel my fingers.
Healing is taking place,
But at times it feels so slow and that makes me feel out-of-place.

My story is riddled with innumerable memories,
Such painful memories of untold stories.
Grievous losses happened and that…….
Almost pushed me to the edge of insanity, but…….

If only you knew my story,
If only you could see how I was able to carry,
Would you reject me?
Or would you be able to see pass my past plea?

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