Thought And Conduct

Thought and conduct,
Seems to abduct,
Not just every inch of human reasoning,
But even influenced the way we do our own listening.

Conduct and thought help us feel independent
In a world full of dependency and obsess with the ending.
In this world to be independent means to be abnormal
And to be abnormal is to be detested; as if it was harmful.

Such a strange world we live in,
Condemning each other for the color of our skin
Or the way we “SIN.”
Isn’t strange the world you and I are in?

In this world lacking thinking minds and misconduct,
I will be lost in thought, I just cannot be dishonest.
If by me being thoughtful, I cause them to detest me,
Then hate me all, for I am free.

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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One thought on “Thought And Conduct”

  1. Hm…isn’t it about a ‘mind-shift’? Maybe you feel abnormal, but you aren’t ? Those who condemn you for being a free spirit/thinker are the abnormal ones?


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