…….Mental Aching

Exposed their children
To the grace of critical
Thinking, ending their…….

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

Image source https://www.pexels.com/

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5 thoughts on “…….Mental Aching

  1. Made me think a lot. (You’ve been quiet on email so I had to stalk you here)
    seriously though … my parents were … well my mom was gone and my dad he was very critical of me growing up all the time in every way. I swore to myself I would never be that way. My mom was less so but I hardly saw her, and when I did she was ‘exacting’ and had high expectations – not so bad but sometimes not based on reality or knowing me because she didn’t (know me) so I get this, very much, the idea that you should not spoil innocence by trying to judge someone especially a child as that stays with you forever. It really does.

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