End Of The Fear Series

The series of FEAR came to be on February 4 2017 when I read a quote by Woody Allen, “I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” That marvelous quote gave me the idea to explore more into my fears, thus reading a lot of quotes regarding fear.

Every quote I shared with you guys regarding fear gave me more inside about myself and why I fear what I fear. There is not much to say about this intriguing subject, all I can say is that we all have a clear definition of what fear means to each one of us.


Fear is not only necessary for our survival, but it is also needed for our growth. It can also become a signal to our inner being that what we are doing (or do not like to do) is what we must do. Dan Brown’s quote comes to my head when I think of that, “Men go to far greater lengths to avoid what they fear than to obtain what they desire.” Why do we try to avoid those things that will help us grow in the long run?


Most of the times when we fear something, and we tell our family members or friends, they tend to encourage our fear. The people who truly care about us should always be pushing us to face our fears, to grow, to be more, to challenge ourselves day in and day out. It is crazy nowadays how the ones we consider our friends will pull us down more than helping us see our true potential. So let us follow Mridha’s quote as a rule, “If you fear doing something, don’t discourage others who are doing it.” Help others face their fears.


As I close this post, Rachel Machack’s quote jumped into my mind and will not go away, perhaps cause I do it in an unconscious way? “I’m terrified of getting involved with someone who disappoints me or leaves me empty and alone. I’m terrified of rejection, so I set my expectations so high that they can never be met, and I dig around with a magnifying glass looking for flaws in very person I date. There’s always a flaw to exploit, and I’ll find it so I never have to get too close.” I am sure many of you will or could relate to that quote.fears4

So this is the end of the FEAR series, it was such a learning experience to read about fear and to explore myself a little bit more. I hope you all liked it and that you were able to learn something from yourselves and the fears you may have. Once again, thank you for being part of this blog and my own personal journey. Stay amazing and never forget to KNOW, to FEEL and to just BE.fears5

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