Philosophy #127

“Silence is a true friend who never betrays.”
― Confucius


Confucius’s quotes are so simple, yet every word has such a profound meaning and wisdom, and this quote is not the exception: “Silence is a true friend who never betrays.” If there is two things I know full well is being alone and silence, and I choose them, they do not choose me. I am a firm believer that being alone and enjoying the silent whispers that silence has to offer is more than enough to find the answer to any question that is creating chaos deep inside of us, sadly not everyone has the courage to put these two together: Silence!!! Alone!!!

Like many people in this journey we call life, I tried to have friends, but for some reason I never succeeded; must have been my unconformity with the way the whole system was or the way I asked questions. One thing is for sure, I gave up having friends not cause I felt superior to anyone, but because I felt betrayed by them over and over again. I am sure many of you can identify with that, and with many things that I share in this blog.

One day I realized that I was wasting my time trying to mold myself to the standards of my so call “friends”, so I decided to fall back into silence. I cannot deny that in the beginning, it was extremely painful to be alone and in deep, deep silence, but then I started to ask questions to myself and the answers seemed to pour out of nowhere. It is true that at times the answers were not the ones I wanted to hear. From that moment on, silence became my biggest friend, the one and only that will never betray me, the one that will always listen and will offer me advice.

The key to most of the riddles of life, OUR life, is to be alone in silence. Why are we so afraid of the silence that is all around us? Why do we go to the most extreme measures to avoid being in contemplation? I know it is painful, I have felt the agony of it, but what I have gotten out of it has been so much knowledge about myself, about the world I am living in and about the world I am helping create.

Confucius was right, “Silence is a true friend who never betrays.” Silence will never betray you, do not run from it, make it your friend, ask questions to it, and wait for the answers. If you open your heart, mind and soul to silence, you will see that the friend you always wanted had always been there, all around you, waiting for you to quiet your mind.

Leave your thoughts about this quote, I am intrigued to read how you perceive this quote or how you can dissect it further. Thank you and don’t forget to think, for a thing will be just a thing, until you think beyond that thing.

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8 thoughts on “Philosophy #127”

  1. Well, silence definitely gives peace… but silence for the real reasons my dear. You don’t have to conform to your friends’ ways. At all. We – introverts are different. We love to be by ourselves and there are very few people who are like us, or who understand us. You can still have friends, and with confidence, tell them, hey, I am like this. Take me or leave me. Who remains is your true friend, with whom, you can talk even with silence. 🙂
    Try it.

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