Philosophy #128

“Respect yourself and others will respect you.”
― Confucius, Sayings of Confucius


This short, but effective quote, got me analyzing myself none stone for more than a day. “Do I respect myself as much as I respect others? Do I respect the fact that nobody wants what I want? Why is it so hard to respect others?” Those were some of the questions that came to me immediately when I read this marvelous quote. I could say that our teacher Confucius did it again; I got lost in reflection, but I was able to come back this time.

Respect is inevitably something that we all want and crave, and at times we demand it; in a way it gives meaning to our lives. But at times we forget that the easiest way to get it, it’s by respecting ourselves. We are all extremely analytical human beings, so when we see somebody walking in the streets, we immediately see if that person has respect for himself or herself and respect for others as well. There are also some exceptions: he or she could be extremely respectful to others, but they tend to disrespect himself or herself in a variety of ways.

My father always told me, “Son, to respect others means to respect yourself. Some people will demand your respect, but at times they must earn it.” I do agree with those words that my dad said to me, but I also feel he told me those words, so I could earn the respect of others and not expect it like many others did while I was growing up. But after reading Confucius wisdom, “Respect yourself and others will respect you.” I feel more confident that for me, for all of us, to get the respect we want from others; we must respect ourselves. I do not have to point out how to respect ourselves to you all because we all know what we NEED to do to respect ourselves. We must respect, not only our souls and mines, but our bodies as well. We are always giving a clear statement to others of who we are, especially when we do not interact with the world.

So, if you were to analyze yourself, using this quote as your tool, do you think you respect yourself as much as you respect others? You could spend a life time analyzing your behavior towards yourself and towards others and I believe you will not have a satisfactory answer to that question, but again, I could be wrong. I will like it if I was wrong cause that means that you respect yourself as well as others. In any case, what do you do to show others that you respect yourself? How do you respect your mind, body, heart, and most importantly,your soul?

There are many times, that we will be pushed to the edge of disrespecting others, but we must remember that we are in this together. We are ONE, and to disrespect others, in a deeper level, is disrespecting ourselves. I do not have to point out that together we are strong, let us come together with one goal in mind: to be the best we can be as a race. Respect yourself and inevitably the respect for your fellow sisters and brothers will pour out of you. Stay marvelous and never forget that in UNION we are strong.

Leave your thoughts about this quote, I am intrigued to read how you perceive this quote or how you can dissect it further. Thank you and don’t forget to think, for a thing will be just a thing, until you think beyond that thing.

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3 thoughts on “Philosophy #128”

  1. How do you consider someone can tell you don’t respect yourself? AKA you become an easy target for their scorn. Life is complicated and i wonder should someone disrespect boundaries it doesn’t necessarily mean you have no respect for yourself. I think it is more an exuberance of confidence that keeps us safe from people’s disrespect. ????

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