End Of The Happiness Series

The Happiness series was born on March 8 2017 with one of Dr. Seuss quotes, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Such beautiful quote that forced me to get closer to the visions I had of old memories.


After reading and sharing over 400 quotes regarding happiness, I feel I understand myself a little bit more, I hope you guys benefited from these marvelous quotes has much as I did. I cannot be happy all the time, but now I have the knowledge that my thoughts influence the moods that I experience. So if I want to be happy, I need to control what I focus on.


Happiness is not something we get, although it would be much easier if it was sold in stores, but then we will become even more inefficient at working towards our goals. It takes hard work to be happy, it even takes discipline. I am not saying to avoid sadness, what I am trying to say is that we must feel sad if that’s what the soul wants to experience, but then we must be able to take the actions necessary to get back up and smile.


We tend to forget that sadness is as beautiful and perfect as happiness,but if we want to truly understand happiness, we must understand its opposite. So I say, honor your sadness as well as your happiness, there is so much wisdom in both of them.


And before I say bye to this marvelous series, I want you all to smile, yes!!! Smile for no reason or with a reason in mine. I want you all to remember that if you are looking for somebody to make you happy or if you make happiness your priority, you are doomed to fail. Be happy with your silence, be happy with your aloneness, be happy because you love who you are. Let us enjoy the ups and downs because life is nothing more than a collection of experiences, we choose what we want to experience. Just remember, do not get stuck in only one experience.


Thank you so much for taking part of this series, for being part of this blog and for all your comments and supports. Love you all, I am so grateful for each and every one of you. Stay tune for the next series and keep an eye open for an amazing eBook coming in the not so distant future.


Be happy, be sad, but never forget to BE


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