See Through Rings

See through rings,
Lies made them visible
And kindness gave them wings;
Sadly, all was fictional.

Gentle months came,
Egos got diluted
And there was no aim, only shame;
Morals were persecuted.

Salt and honey oozing from the wounds
It was nobodies fault from looking away.
Not even the hounds
Saw the materialization of the rings that day.

Waiting a life time,
Not to move closer
But to gaze beyond the sublime;
Between the see through rings……. Closure.

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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3 thoughts on “See Through Rings

  1. This was interesting. I read it several times trying to understand the rings. The beautiful thing is that each time I read it, I saw a different meaning or representation of the rings; I saw wedding rings, handcuffs, slave shackles, and the ring of our irises and pupils. Thank you for the vision, Manuel 😊

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    1. Tricia, you got it. I wrote this at around 230 am, I got up and the dreams where fresh, so all I did was ti get the computer and write. It was not my intention for this piece to have so many meanings, but I was dreaming about all the things you just mention, so the flow came natural. I am so happy you liked it and that you were able to see beyond the words. Thank you for your continues support.

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      1. This is exciting to hear! I love vivid dreams! I always feel so connected when I am able to feel the flow of them and intuitively know their meaning. Keep ’em com’n 🤚🏾


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