15 thoughts on “Question Of The Day #2

  1. Maybe it’s a secret dream we should chase since the soul is always chasing something. But it doesn’t mean we want what others have. Maybe it’s just our humanity chasing dreams unknowingly. It’s a far fetch theory, but perhaps?

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  2. Because we don’t look further, behind the superficial appearance and think, what others have, didn’t needed the same struggles, fights, offerings. Most of all, we forget we are each individuals. What is good for you, doesn’t have to be good for me and vice versa. Create your own Dreampack, your own happiness…find what makes you passionate, what fits with you…

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  3. Nature says the grass is always greener over there. I could waffle on, but I honestly think it comes down to that. Dogs take from other dogs, humans are always wanting, cats..ok, cats are just cats! Survival requires taking. Sad, but true.

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