Mimosa Pudica & Emotionsoflife: Conversation at a distance: Rebirth

Once again, thank you Patty, for writing with me another marvelous piece, it was such an honor. Please check her marvelous blog Patty.


It feels hard at times to enjoy
life, when there is so much pain
around us and neighbors destroy
each other’s dream, it’s insane.

Dwelling in that feeling,
avoiding to step up and fight,
will not increase healing,
doesn’t create change, right?

Change? If change is what you want,
let it begin on the inside.
Remember, like a writer; you are in charge of the font.
Besides, you already know your guide.

Pain will always be pain,
it serves us as a reminder.
It is and it will be part of the chain,
for we are fighters.

You’re right and I admire
the way you hold on to
emotions, utilizing to inspire
and defining the true you.

But how does one cope
after losing beloved souls
during this season of hope
and love, no longer feeling whole?

Must remind yourself,
all is part of the process,
ALL! does not belong to the self,
it is there for us to access.
But beyond that we must be like water,
indeed, it is easier said than done,
just remember; there is meaning in the slaughter.
Connect the dots……. One by one,
you will FEEL the meaning of life…….
YOUR life…….
MY life…….

These reminders, thoughts, I need.
They help me to pick myself up
again, remembering it’s not speed,
but sprinkling patiently a cup
seeds, soaked with hope and love…
Spread them over our wonderful earth
just like the stars shine above…
Humanity will find a way to rebirth

Mimosa Pudica & EmotionsOfLife

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