What Is The Meaning? #269

“Nothing is beautiful” your mind says, “What is the point” your body replays, “I am tired of this torture” your mind continues to complain. And as you walk through your day, you feel like hanging yourself, but then your soul speaks above all the complaining voices deep inside of you and says “I know you can take this, I know you are stronger. Please understand, it is all about the experience. What would be the fun of all of this if you take all the emotions out of the equation? What would be the fun if there was no resistance? What would be the point of ME?” And as your soul continues to talk, a weird tickle in your face makes you smile and laugh like never before and you say “THANK YOU”

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11 thoughts on “What Is The Meaning? #269

      1. No, I don’t believe only they know. It depends on the situation.

        Yesterday, we had a bit of a crisis at the office. The managing director is one of those who would probably be calmly watching the world crumble. Another one of our workers is super emotional, and known for getting into hysterics when things don’t work out.

        Well, the one with hysterics was allowed to tackle the problem first, and that didn’t go over too well. 20 minutes passed and she was very frustrated, and almost to the verge of tears. Then the managing director stepped in, and resolved the issue in 3 minutes without so much as a raised voice.

        Sometimes the “numbness” is because they are focused on problem-solving, as opposed to problem-venting. I would say, in that case, the proof is in the pudding.

        Thanks for chatting with a kitty!

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