Thoughts #1138

“Always on the go, afraid to let others see what you really look like, such a mistake we all make, but some continue to run, even after death.”

Manuel Osornio

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9 thoughts on “Thoughts #1138

      1. I just get the sense from your writings, from long ago, until now, the changes i have noticed… sorry, don’t mean to freak you out or anything. And i may be way off any truth, but this is perception of you. Hope that clears up my cryptic message. 🤕🕊

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      2. One thing is for sure, I am constantly changing, and you do not need to apologies. In the past I was writing only with my emotions, and now……. now I am writing with my soul, mind and heart (emotions)
        I must confess, I only write what comes to me, what needs to come out, half of the time I do not understand what I write, but I share it because it may help somebody else. I feel strange at times, getting up at 1 or 3 am just to pour ALL of these out of me just to function right. DO I even make any sense? I think I do not but oh well……. I am glad somebody continues to read me after my constant inner growth.

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