What Is The Meaning? #274

You may be alone, but there is more than your shadow watching you. Some know how you feel and others, even feel the WHY of your unhappiness. There may be nobody watching you, but your life is a testament to others. The empty smiles, your void laughter and even the demeanor that you care about life, will fool some, but others know you without even talking to you. They understand the silent conversations you have with yourself. In a sense, we are all connected, more united than you think. WE feel your pain, “ALONE” does not, and will not, have the same meaning after you start to see beyond the cloudy days. The stars love you, the trees love you, the butterflies love you and YOU……. YOU LOVE YOURSELF, you just don’t realize it yet.

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9 thoughts on “What Is The Meaning? #274

      1. I am the same. It is sad to say. I wish I could say I am better. I hope I will be able to say this at some point. They estimate it takes 1-3 years to recover. I must admit I fear I will not recover. But I can’t afford to think like that. Anyway so I am the same but in that, I am appreciative of your writing no matter how I am feeling physically.

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      2. Do not let yourself think negative right now, I know you will pull through, I believe in you. If you do not believe in yourself, could you believe in the fact that I do. Stay awesome, and please could you do something for me, please?


      3. M I know you are right. I try not to. Sometimes though because of how long this has been going on I fail. I have NEVER been sick for six whole months each and every day before. I don’t know how to cope with that. But I do believe I will recover because those who get the viral version of Gastroparesis because of Epstein Barr usually recover in six months to three years time with an average of 16 months. I’m six months now so I hope by this time next year to be fully well. I am healthy otherwise so I’m blessed. I know I’m blessed it’s just really, really hard feeling so sick every day with nausea and throwing up and not being able to eat. I do try to believe in myself. Thank you so much. BTW sure I’ll do something for you LMK

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      4. I wish I could say I understand you but I have never been ill for more than a week, but I know you will get better cause you are also. What I want you to do for me is to smile just because, could you do that? Please?


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