Philosophy #184

What is YOUR philosophy?


I am curious to read what you guys have to say. Stay blessed and thank you for your continuous support, LOVE YOU ALL.

Thank you and don’t forget to think, for a thing will be just a thing, until you think beyond that thing.

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50 thoughts on “Philosophy #184

  1. Take control of what you can control.
    Embrace all of you, positives and limitations.
    Listen to your Inner Voice, you know your truth.
    Live natural in a respectful way in and with the 21st century.

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  2. “Energy cannot be created or destroyed.” Thus, we do not come from nothing nor do we disappear when we die.
    “This body it will live, this body it will die, where you invest your love you invest your life.”
    Whatever we invest our love (or hate) into, that is what lives on.

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  3. That the majority of tge time we have nothing to lose execpt some form of limitation. That our own “mind-forged manacles” cause a lack of the strive for what is life in its purest essence.

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  4. Take off the mask and reveal yourself, for in the end none of us will be able to hide… Hidden racism exist in the human race. The only race that exist as we speak is the human race. They say we are not alone in this world/galaxy, however if aliens do exist and they came to take over it would be a breeze, because of our ignorance and division.

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  5. Simplicity is my philosophy. I believe that life is very simple and people are sometimes complicate. With simplicity we can have a great life, because every problem we can call with the right name 🙂 Thank you

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    1. Yes I think that often people forget that they can choose, and not only in the broad sense you mention here. The choice of how to do things, the choice to be ethical, the choice to not allow technology to minimize people. I think we all need to understand that each people have a choice and we need to use that.

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  6. I think that my philosophy is mainly that we should appreciate the moments we have and strive to always do the best with them. Try to better ourselves and try to do stuff, often doing one thing can help you or lead you on to another which will reveal your destiny.

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  7. my philosophy is to not take life too seriously, since we’re not gonna last forever. but to enjoy life selfishly means to also be kind and respect everyone around you despite your differences, of course.

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  8. There is not a common reality ….we all have individual thoughts and experiences and so our perceptions of what’s around us will never connect completely with another…..we all see the same chair, feel the same chair, can sit in the same chair but we never experience the chair exactly the same…every person would describe it differently and two people have the same body type or exact same nervous system so the pressure points, the feelings from the chair, the way our body sits in it are all different….the only common thing is the word “chair” …just my philosophy on life that helps me understand humans and get along better…there is no right or wrong in someone else’s reality just because it doesn’t match yours perfectly

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