Introspection 84

On October first of 2016 I started to share my introspections in my blog (this will be a continuation of my introspections.) If you will like to read the old ones, please feel free to click here Introspection 1.

The reason why I decided to share my own inner journey is to help others by sharing my deep emotions. Stay awesome and never be afraid of silence, and being alone in this world full of noise. Remember, deep contemplation and introspection is the only sensible way to navigate this existence.

Introspection 84

“Still unborn you are. How can it be that you are alive, and yet you are unborn? The answer to that is simple, you haven’t tasted your own greatness, and because of that you are still unborn. You have come up with many reasons, oh so many reasons to slaughter your ambitions, in a way you have locked your soul in an ice coffin. You have made of your need to fade a recreation, you have allowed your soul to be restless, YOU! have allowed to go around this existence fearful and even frantic. And yet, you are still unborn, unborn to the fact that the control is in your hands, but you are either too dumb or too blind to see that the ignorance you are so afraid off is being created by you. There is no answer in complaining, there is no connection in blaming, there is no…… need to encourage your inability by shedding tears. Just go deeper, just face the biggest demon of them all…… YOURSELF!!!”

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