Mimosa Pudica & Emotionsoflife ~ Humanity

Once again, thank you Patty, for writing with me another marvelous piece, it was such an honor. Please check her marvelous blog Patty.


Present in all of us

For we are human

So why discuss

For we are human

The color of skin

For we are human

Put up a fake grin

For we are human

Using senseless violence

For we are human

Dwelling in idleness

For we are human

Humanity converts to a cuss?

Intoxicated with our own suffering

For we are human

Apathy covering

For we are human

Addicted to sadness

For we are humans

Meaning making machines

For we humans

Want to know MORE

Even after all of our misdeeds

WE still believe

WE still hold hope

For we are human

Together WE climb to the top

Together WE make sense of it all

For WE are human after all


EmotionsOfLife & Mimosa Pudica


8 thoughts on “Mimosa Pudica & Emotionsoflife ~ Humanity

      1. While exhausted from a week of traveling and dog shows, the sun is shining here and it feels as warm as a long lost friend. Happiness ….nodding off with a book across my chest on a sunny afternoon. 😊

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  1. So grateful our path’s crossed and be able to learn from the best 🙂
    I think you’re up to choose our next topic and start…and include an update about you in that email, please…

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