Introspection 109

On October first of 2016 I started to share my introspections in my blog (this will be a continuation of my introspections.) If you will like to read the old ones, please feel free to click here Introspection 1.

The reason why I decided to share my own inner journey is to help others by sharing my deep emotions. Stay awesome and never be afraid of silence, and being alone in this world full of noise. Remember, deep contemplation and introspection is the only sensible way to navigate this existence.

Introspection 109

“At the end of the day, you feel bitter joy; you do understand that the control is in your hands, right? You lay your head on the pillow every night craving something that does not belong to you……. yet!!! Your time will come, why do you focus on the pain? Is the only thing that feels real to you? Do you want to fail to your little angel? Do you want to fall and blame others like before? Your mind shouts over and over ‘erase me, erase me,’ as if it was the only way out. Death does not desire you, you are not in the list yet, you are where you need to be. The day you look forward to is not coming tonight or any other night, rearrange your mind. The sorrow that you let built-in deep within yourself was not your fault, but you do need to take responsibility for letting it grow into an uncontrollable monster. As I already whisper to your soul, at the end of the day, you do have full control, ALL!!! is in your hands, ALL!!!”

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