Thoughts #1260

“The older I get, the more I realize that I have been different people in the past: the ignorant, the careless, the blind, the complainer, the VICTIM and even the ‘KNOW IT ALL’. At times, it is hard to come face to face with those LITTLE parts of me, but I am at peace with them regardless”

Manuel Osornio

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16 thoughts on “Thoughts #1260

  1. And they all, including the other parts your probably like more, formed you to become the Beautiful Soul you are today. Thanks for this great reminder to not diminish our darkness, but to embrace it too. XxX

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  2. I, too, am learning more about myself as I get older. I think we are all of these people. We grow and learn maybe to ‘tame’ them a bit? Or why we are/were these people; at least that is what is happening to me. I’m am gleaning where they come from: the primal traumas that were unconscious, but still made me react a certain way. I forgive myself for certain behaviors and have even asked others for forgiveness for the way I acted toward them. Some did, some did not. But that’s OK as long as I’m good with myself, which I am getting better at every day! xo

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