“Day in and day out, we all want to give up, but it is time for US to listen. The friction, the emotions; they must be felt. Embrace the sorrow, embrace the pain; true wisdom comes from darkness.”

Manuel Osornio

NOW! I must listen.
Friction!!! Emotions must be
Felt, they bring wisdom

Copyright © 2018 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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15 thoughts on “Friction!!!

  1. Ah, but be aware that our emotions are connected to our thoughts. Yes to the usage of pain and sorrow as a learning experience. As long as the choice we make is to turn it into a meaningful lesson. Feelings are just that feelings. Let them not define us.
    Again, Happy New Year my dear friend. XxX

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      1. I heard a beautiful thought the other day. An empty core is a powerful motivator.
        Let’s chat Sunday, ok? Before we are drawn back into our daily routines again 😉 Hugs! XxX

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